Application Systems

Over the years, a variety of DC industrial applications have been developed that require solenoid or actuator control systems. (CTE application systems are developed specifically to function in harmony with the equipment's demands, adding functionality, extending lifetime, and/or optimizing the performance of machinery/equipment.

Our systems are suited for different performance levels; Standard Industrial, Heavy-Duty, Marine, and Military. We supply equipment manufacturers (volume), and/or maintenance, service and repair companies, based on application- and customer-specific demands. 

A typical application is Mobile Industrial equipment, like a forklift, an aerial work platform, or a genset, powered by a compact diesel engine. This machinery requires control and protection of the power unit, to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our systems enable this equipment to perform functions such as:

  • Run/Stop (for ETR or ETS operation)
  • Throttle Control (2-position)
  • Electronic Fuel control (proportional)
  • Valve Control 

Supported engines, fuel pumps, and equipment are listed below. More off-the-shelf systems are available on request.