Yanmar TNV

The Yanmar TNV series consists of engine types: 2TNV70, 3TNV70, 3TNV76, 3TNV82, 3TNV84, 3TNV88, 4TNV84, 4TNV88, 4TNE94, and 4TNV98. From factory, the engines come in different basic configurations. Depending on the engine package, we have different standard solutions for fuel and engine control.

For 1:1 replacement parts please see the product availability in the search bar above or contact our sales department.

The purpose of the engine in your application mostly determines what is the best solution. Therefore, all our system packaging is done in close cooperation with our customer, and to it's requirements. If you’re interested in our solutions make sure to get in touch with our Sales team to explore your requirements and the possibilities for your application.

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