Fuel Control

Digital Fuel controllers provide electronic speed control to diesel and gas engine driven applications. The controller measures engine functions and adjusts the fuel system with the appropriate engine fueling command. 

  • Manual parameter control and adjustments
  • In addition: PC parameter control through USB connection (with the CTE interface kit)
  • Precise engine speed control
  • 12/24 Vdc powered
  • Internal diagnostics monitor engine operation and display fault codes
  • Engine and panel mounting option
  • Application dedicated control capabilities

A wide range of generic, standard specification, engine controllers, as well as custom-designed models are available. The controllers are conviniently divided into four main categories of system applications, all with different options:

  • Standard isochronous operation (Genset)
  • Parallel isochronous operation (Genset & Load sharing (ILS))
  • Remote speed controlled operation (i.e. off-road vehicles)
  • Manual parameter control (Gensets, Load sharing (ILS), Remote speed)

Our range of fuel controllers are compatible with all engine fuel control actuators up to 7A continuous.


The controllers use a PID control loop to control the flow of fuel to the engine to maintain a stable engine RPM in response to the changing loads to the engine. The controllers enable both simple manual (field) configuration, as well as a broad array (>35) of separately programmable engine parameters to enable the user to optimally fine-tune and control the performance and behavior of the engine.

The fuel controllers are one part of the engine fuel control system which typically consists of four (4) main components:

  • A fuel controller
  • A proportional actuator
  • A mechanical linkage system (from the actuator to the engine fuel control lever)
  • A speed sensor (magnetic pickup) or ignition sense (gas engine)
  • Optional: Interface kit (interface + calibration software)
Part numbers

In our capacity as manufacturer's representative, we have genuine OEM controllers available from our EU stock or, we will have an equivalent alternative to full original factory specification. A selection of supported part numbers is listed below:

| DPG-2101
| DPG-2102
| DPG-2103
| DPG-2104
| DPG-2105
| DPG-2111-001
| DPG-2201
| DPG-2223
| DPG-2302
| DPG-2345
| APECS 500
| APECS 2000
| APECS 3100
| APECS 3200
| APECS 3300
| APECS 3400
| APECS 4500
| 28170125
| RE522420
| SA-4389
| SA-4450
| SA-4451
| SA-4452
| SA-4453
| SA-4471
| SA-4492
| SA-4488
| SA-4489
| GM17644-4
| GM17644-5
| GM17644-6
| GM17644-7
| GM38323
| GM39342
| GM39343
| GM22742

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