Fuel Valves

Solenoid fuel valves provide control of the fuel flow to the engine, directly on the fuel supply to the pump. They, therefore, operate differently to the conventional stop solenoids which are mostly mechanically connected to the governor, fuel pump lever or fuel rack.

  • Additional and reliable method for engine stopping
  • Used in Energize-to-Run and Energize-to-Stop mode
  • Simple integration into the fuel supply side of the pump
  • 12/24 Vdc
  • Restarting is immediately possible
  • Engine mounted

There are two versions available of the fuel valve.

  • 3-way
  • 4-way

The 4-way valve has the additional advantage of reversing the fuel flow and creating a vacuum. Both versions have M14 thread or ⌀10mm hose connections are available. The valves are suitable for diesel fuel.

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