Mechanical Linkage

Mechanical linkage systems connect the actuation shaft or plunger to the application. It is imperative to the function and lifetime of the actuation device that the linear or rotary movement of the shaft remains free of unnecessary friction or misalignment. A dedicated and properly installed linkage (assembly) contributes to accurate, stable, and responsive performance and also substantially extends the lifetime of the actuator. In particular for bi-coil solenoids with an internal switch, accurate linkage can ensure full plunger travel to correctly bottom out.

  • Enhances performance and extends life-time
  • Allows for minor misalignments
  • Limits frictions, binding, and pre-mature wear
  • Prevents early solenoid burn-out due to application characteristics
  • Suitable for harsh and salty environments

A selection of specific linkage components and standard mechanical linkage kits are available off-the-shelf; both in Metric M6, as well as 1/4-28 UNF. These systems contain high-quality application dedicated, and carefully manufactured components, suited to fit most mobile industrial applications.

A unique adjustable linkage system allows for in-place adjustment, after installation. This system enables tensioning and fine-tuning of the linkage assembly while already installed or to provide on-the-go (fuel) lever control adjustment.

Apart from the general-purpose systems, there’re a variety of linkage systems available for specific engine and pump types and special levers for typical rotary actuators.

Single components are available as standard stock items, both Metric, and UNF. They include: spring swivels; in-line swivels; rod ends (Male/Female); threaded rods; clevis yokes; connecting rods (application-specific); levers and bead chains.

Part numbers

In our capacity as manufacturer's representative, we have genuine OEM mechanical linkage components and systems available from our EU stock or, we will have an equivalent alternative to full original factory specification. A selection of supported part numbers is listed below.

| 3601-1016
| 8923-1170
| 8923-1191
| AKKH-175
| DYNC-174-1
| DYNC-182
| DYNK-10393
| DYNK-134-1
| DYNK-134-2
| DYNK-134-3
| DYNK-134-4
| DYNK-134-5
| DYNZ-47-1
| DYNZ-47-2
| DYNZ-47-3
| DYNZ-47-7
| DYNZ-156-1
| DYNZ-156-2
| DYNZ-156-3
| DYNZ-156-4
| J0150-0017
| J0150-0037
| SA-0008-A
| SA-0293-B
| SA-3157-AB
| SA-3157-EF
| SA-3158-AB
| SA-3158-ED
| SA-3158-EF
| SA-3159-AB
| SA-3159-CD
| SA-3159-EF
| SA-3160-AB
| SA-3160-AD
| SA-3160-CD
| SA-3160-EF
| SA-3851-CD
| SA-3851-GH
| SA-3888
| SA-4049
| SA-4050
| SA-4060
| SA-4112
| SA-4144
| SA-4151
| SA-4188
| SA-4232
| SA-4256
| SA-4270
| SA-4277
| SA-4280
| SA-4325
| SA-4457
| SA-4598
| SA-4599
| SA-4600
| SA-4609
| SA-4619
| SA-4661
| SA-4738-AH
| SA-4742
| SA-4804
| SA-4842
| SA-4843
| SA-4844
| SA-4845
| SA-5000
| SA-5223
| SB-2225
| SB-2331
| SB-2343
| SB-2411
| SB-2469
| SB-2470
| SB-2822
| SE-5148


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