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After its foundation in 1985, Coltrading (CTE started as manufacturer’s representative (geographic distributor) for world-class manufacturers. We aim to serve our valued customers by creating, maintaining, and permanently improving global knowledge-, support- and supply networks.

Coltrading (CTE is an EU based global supply company, primarily focused on the EMEA region. We supply engine control professionals with products and system solutions for controlling diesel, gasoline,  and gas-based applications. For the aftermarket, we aim to extend the lifetime of your equipment. Coltrading (CTE is the most trusted, knowledgeable supplier for genuine, name-brand OEM, replacement parts (aftermarket), as well as state-of-the-art control system technology. We have a strong focus on new technologies, changing market conditions and customers’ demands. We have shown to be able to adapt, respond and act accordingly, to fully support our valued customers in improving their equipment (technology/knowledge) and logistical operations/structures (supply chain).

By now, backed by 35 YEARS of market-, product- and application experience, we have become an independent supplier and expert EMEA drop-ship facility. We have proven to be an expert in customer satisfaction, providing reliable service and technical support. Our (CTE Control Systems venture supplies our OEM customers complete (sub-)assemblies, with its in-house engineering and assembly lines.

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