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Coltrading (CTE was founded in 1985 in the Netherlands as European manufacturer representative for Synchro-Start solenoids, actuators and engine controls. Through the years, Coltrading (CTE partnered up with several other world-class manufacturers that were, and today are, active in the (mobile) industrial sector.

For over 35 years now, we develop, build, assist, and supply mobile and industrial control professionals with products and system solutions for controlling traditional, fossil-fuel engine based, applications and DC electrical motion systems.

Our core competency is historically DC (engine) solenoids and actuators and the control of them. The extensive practical experience we gained through the last decades with developing solenoid/actuator (engine) control systems made us into the European Point of Excellence for these motion control systems.

In 2016 we decided to expand our business and increase our capacity for final assembly and workshop space. We bought our second facility in Hillegom, the Netherlands. This 1200 m2 facility hosts our primary warehouse, assembly line and workshop. Our second 600 m2 location now only functions as secondary warehouse.

Our customers are mainly equipment manufacturers and in the aftermarket. For equipment manufacturers we perform system design and implementation assistance, prototyping service and product and system supply. In the aftermarket we assist our customers in system replacement, upgrade, service and/or retrofit.

Our customers value us for providing quality solutions, the durability of our systems and high level of market and product knowledge. This, combined with our in-house workshop, engineering department and assembly capacity, enables us to provide our customers with the technical best products, shortest lead times and spot-on solutions for their applications at hand. 

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