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Being in the market for a couple of decades has brought us the advantage of knowing exactly what products are in the field and how they are used on your machinery. Inevitably, through the years, many changes, new products and replacements have entered the market. At the same time, many products have become obsolete and are not in production anymore. Therefore, our main focus in this market segment is maintaining immediate product availability.

By working closely together with the original product manufacturers we’ve enabled ourselves not just to perform “parts trade”, but to actually know exactly what products we are selling, and how they’re applied in the field. Because many products are often in the market for decades before failing or needing replacement, finding a correct replacement can be tricky. Coltrading (CTE is committed to cooperate with as much of the original manufacturers as possible to maintain the availability older products. If that isn’t possible, we make sure we build it ourselves to original factory standard, or have a fully equivalent replacement alternative.

Next to being product experts, we operate a large warehouse with almost all standard products on stock. This is a major benefit to our aftermarket customers as they experience hardly any lead times.