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Coltrading CTE is expert in DC engine and motion control. For over 35 years we’ve been implementing (engine) control systems for equipment manufacturers.

We provide our customers with implementation assistance from the perspective of the control solution. Together, we carefully compose quality systems with components from both our own development and the world’s leading industrial control brands such as Woodward, Barber Colman, Synchro-Start and Trombetta.

Our scope of expertise revolves around the motion control technology of DC solenoids and actuators and their interaction with the engine or the operated load. Thereto, we utilize purpose-built hardware designed specifically to control DC systems.

Engine manufacturers often provide highly standardized engine packages and their electrical control components often do not meet the required characteristics and quality for the purpose they’ll be used in the actual application. As highly knowledgeable control component specialist, Coltrading CTE provides equipment manufacturers with the support needed to implement control systems that fit the application’s demands. As such, one could say we make the translation from the power unit to the energy demands of the application.

Typical services we perform for our customers:

  • System design and implementation assistance for:
    o Energize-to-run applications
    o Energize-to-stop applications
    o Throttle control (2-speed or variable)
    o Overspeed protection
    o Isochronous engine operation
    o Parallel engine operation
    o Remotely controlled engine operation
    o DC motion control (e.g. locking devices)
  •  Prototyping service
  •  Training and installation support